Under what conditions does Shanghai court decide divorce

 2018-06-27  160

The Chinese people's court shall make mediations in the process of hearing a divorce suit; Chinese divorce shall be granted if mediation fails because mutual affection no longer exists.

Chinese divorce shall be granted if any of the following circumstances occurs and mediation fails:

a. either party is a bigamist or a person who has a spouse but co-habits with another person;

b. there is family violence or maltreatment or desertion of any family member;

c. either party is indulged in gambling, drug-abuse or has other vicious habits and refuses to mend his or her ways despite of repeated admonition;

d. both parties have lived separately due to lack of mutual affection for up to two years;

e. other circumstances that have led to the nonexistence of mutual affection as husband and wife.

If either party has been declared by court as to be missing and the other party applies to be divorced, Chidivorce shall be granted.

Shanghai divorce lawyers believe that if one of the above legal conditions is met, the court will decide a divorce.