A Chinese man sentenced to death for school knife attack

 2018-07-11  117

A court in northwest China's Shaanxi Province on Tuesday sentenced a man to death for killing nine middle school students with a knife.

Zhao Zewei, 28, was found guilty of attacking students near the No. 3 Middle School in Mizhi County on April 27, leading to nine deaths and 12 injured, according to the Yulin Intermediate People's Court.

According to the verdict, Zhao, a former student of the middle school, bought five knives online and planned the attack because he wanted to get revenge on his former classmates who had teased him. Failing to find his classmates, Zhao randomly stabbed students who were leaving the school.

The court sentenced Zhao to death on charges of intentional homicide. Zhao said he would file an appeal. 

Source: Xinhua