Self-disciplinary Convention on Notarial Vocation

 2018-07-22  86

  • Area of Law Notarization
  • Level of Authority Industry Regulations
  • Date issued12-29-2003
  • Effective Date01-01-2004
  • Status Effective
  • Issuing Authority China Notary Association (former China Nortaries' Association)

Self-disciplinary Convention on Notarial Vocation
(China Notaries' Association December 29, 2003)
Article 1 This Convention is hereby formulated for the purpose of promoting the healthy development of notarial cause, bringing into full play the functions of notarization, maintaining the order of notarial work, and safeguarding the legal rights and interests of the notary offices, notaries, and parties participating in notarization.
Article 2 The notary offices and the notaries shall observe this Convention, and perform notarial functions according to law, and abide by laws, administrative regulations, rules and provisions of standards for notarial vocation.
Article 3 The notary offices and notaries shall strictly observe the notarial procedures, serve the parties warmly, and handle the notarial affairs earnestly and diligently so as to ensure the quality of notarization.
Article 4 The notary offices and notaries shall take the initiative in accepting the supervision on and criticism of the notarial vocation by the public, and resist and rectify the unhealthy tendency of the vocation together.
Article 5 The notary offices and notaries shall maintain the interests and image of the vocation at any moment, cooperate with each other closely, respect and assist each other in the same vocation, so as to seek development together.
Article 6 No notary offices or notaries may conduct the following improper acts when handling notarial affairs:
1.Making exaggeration or false drumbeating through media or by other means to mislead the parties concerned;
2. Seeking illegal interests by making use of his own position;
3.Printing in his Business Card the administrative, honorable or professional positions or other titles he has ever held;
4. Monopolizing notarial business by improper means;
5. Bespattering or derogating the reputation of other notary offices or notaries on purpose;
6. Disturbing the ordinary notarial business of other notary offices or notaries;
7. Providing or promising to provide rebate or other interests; or
8. A notary office establishes offices or branches without being approved by the competent administrative department for justice that has the administrative power.
Article 7 The notaries as mentioned in this Convention, refer to the notaries, assistant notaries and personnel assisting in notarial affairs.
Article 8 This Convention has been adopted at the second session of the fourth council of the China Notaries' Association, and shall be implemented as of January 1, 2004.