Catalogue of Industries for Guiding Foreign Investment (2017 Revision)

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Catalogue of Industries for Guiding Foreign Investment (2017 Revision)

· Document Number:Order No. 4 [2017] of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce

· Area of Law: Foreign-funded Enterprises

· Pkulaw Comments:Decision of the State Council on Temporarily Adjusting the Relevant Administrative Approval Items and Access-Related Special Administrative Measures in Beijing (2017) 

· Level of Authority: Departmental Rules

· Date issued:06-28-2017

· Effective Date:07-28-2017

· Status: Effective

· Issuing Authority: State Development & Reform Commission (incl. former State Development Planning Commission) Ministry of Commerce


Order of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce
(No. 4 [2017])
The Catalogue of Industries for Guiding Foreign Investment (2017 Revision), as approved by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council, is hereby issued and shall come into force on July 28, 2017. The Catalogue of Industries for Guiding Foreign Investment (2015 Revision) issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce on March 10, 2015 shall be repealed concurrently.
Annex: Catalogue of Industries for Guiding Foreign Investment (2017 Revision)
He Lifeng, Director of the National Development and Reform Commission
Zhong Shan, Minister of Commerce
June 28, 2017
Catalogue of Industries for Guiding Foreign Investment 
(2017 Revision)
Catalogue of Encouraged Industries for Foreign Investment
I. Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery
1. Planting, development and production of woody plants that contain edible oils or are used as seasonings or industrial raw materials
2. Development of planting technologies for green food vegetables or organic vegetables (including edible fungi and melons), nuts, dried and fresh fruit, and tea, and relevant production
3. Development of new planting technologies for crops, such as sugar crops, fruit trees and pasture, and relevant production
4. Production of flowers and construction and operation of nurseries
5. Planting of rubber trees, oil palm, sisal and coffee
6. Planting or breeding of traditional Chinese medicinal materials
7. Comprehensive utilization of crop straw resources, and the development and production of organic fertilizer resources
8. Breeding of aquatic fingerlings (excluding China's rare and endemic species)
9. Construction and operation of ecological environment protection projects, such as the planting of trees and grass to combat desertification and soil erosion
10. Aqua farming, open sea-cage aquaculture, industrial aquaculture, and ecological mariculture
II. Mining Industry
11. Exploration and exploitation of oil and natural gas and utilization of mine gas
12. Development and application of enhanced oil recovery (in the form of project services) and relevant new technologies
13. Development and application of new technologies for oil exploration and exploitation in areas such as geophysical prospecting, drilling, well logging, mud logging, and down-hole operation
14. Development and application of new technologies for enhancing utilization rate of mine tailings and the comprehensive application of ecological restoration technology in mining areas
15. Exploration, exploitation and ore dressing of scarce minerals in China (such as sylvite and chromite)
III. Manufacturing Industries
(I) Agricultural and Sideline Food Processing
16. Development and production of safe, efficient and environment-friendly feeds and feed additives (including methionine)
17. Aquatic product processing, shellfish purification and processing, and development of algal health food
18. Processing of vegetables, nuts, dried and fresh fruit, and livestock and poultry products
(II) Food Manufacturing
19. Development and production of formula food for infant, food for special medical purpose and dietary supplements
20. Processing of forest agriculture products
21. Development of new technologies and production of natural food additives and natural spices
(III) Wine, Beverage and Refined Tea Manufacturing
22. Development and production of fruit and vegetable drinks, protein drinks, tea drinks, coffee drinks, and botanical drinks
(IV) Textile Industry
23. Production of multifunctional industrial textiles that are lightweight, high/low-temperature resistant and chemical-resistant, with high-performance and good light fastness, using non-woven, weaving, knitting or their composite techniques
24. Printing, dyeing, finishing and processing of high-end textiles, using advanced energy conservation and emission reduction technologies and equipment
25. Processing of special natural fibers (including cashmere and other special animal fibers, bamboo fibers, bast and leaf fibers, silk, and colored cotton, etc.) that satisfy the ecological, comprehensive resource utilization and environmental protection requirements
(V) Textile, Clothing and Costume
26. Clothing production using the computer integrated manufacturing system
27. Production of functional or special-purpose clothing
(VI) Leathers, Furs, Feathers and Related Products and Shoemaking Industry
28. Cleaning technical processing of leather and fur
29. Post ornament and processing of leather with new technology
30. Comprehensive use of leather waste
(VII) Wood Processing and Wood, Bamboo, Rattan, Palm Fiber and Straw Products
31. Development of new technologies for the comprehensive utilization of three forest residues (logging residue, bucking residual and processing residual), “inferior quality lumber, small-sized lumber and firewood,” and bamboo, and the development and production of relevant new products
(VIII) Culture and Education, Arts and Crafts, and Manufacturing of Sports and Recreational Equipment
32. Production of high-end carpets, embroidery and drawnwork products
(IX) Petroleum Processing, Coking and Nuclear Fuel Processing
33. Processing of phenol oil, processing of absorber oil and high-end utilization of coal pitch (excluding modified pitch)
(X) Manufacturing of Chemical Raw Materials and Chemical Products
34. Development and production of new downstream products of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and organosilicon
35. Auxiliary raw materials for the production of synthetic materials: production of hydrogen peroxide-based propylene oxide, hydrogen peroxide-based epichlorohydrin, naphthalene dicarboxylate (NDC), 1,4-Cyclohexanedimethanol (CHDM), and butadiene-based adiponitrile and hexamethylenediamine with an annual production capacity of 50,000 tons or more
36. Raw materials for the production of synthetic fibers: nylon 66 salt, and 1,3-propylene glycol
37. Synthetic rubber: production of isoamyl rubber, polyurethane rubber, acrylate rubber, epichlorohydrin rubber, fluorine rubber, silicon rubber, and other special rubbers
38. Engineering plastics and plastic alloys: production of non-phosgene polycarbonate (PC), polyoxymethylene (POM), polyphenyl thioether, poly(ether-ether-ketone) (PEEK), polyimide, polysulfone, polyether sulfone, polyarylate (PAR), polyphenylene oxide (PPO) and its modified materials, liquid crystal polymer (LCP), and other products with an annual production capacity of 60,000 tons or more
39. Fine chemicals: new catalyst products and technologies, processing technologies for the commercialization of dyes (pigments), electronic chemicals and papermaking chemicals, leather chemicals (excluding N,N-Dimethylformamide), oilfield chemical auxiliaries, surfactants, water treatment chemicals, adhesives, production of inorganic fibers and nanomaterials, and deep processing of pigment encapsulation
40. Production of water-based inks, electron-beam curing inks, ultraviolet-curing inks and other low-volatile inks and environment-friendly organic solvents
41. Production of natural spices, synthetic spices and single ion spices
42. Production of high-performance coatings, high solid, solventless coatings, water-based industrial coatings, and auxiliary water-based resins
43. Production of high-performance fluororesin and fluorine coating materials, medical intermediates containing fluorine, environment-friendly refrigerant, detergents and blowing agents
44. Recovery of fluoride resources from the phosphorus chemical industry and aluminum smelters
45. Development of new technologies for forestry chemical products and development and production of relevant new products
46. Development and production of inorganic, organic and biological membranes for environmental protection purposes
47. Development and production of new types of fertilizers: high potassium fertilizers, compound microbial inoculants, compound microbial fertilizers, decomposition agents for straws and refuse, and other microbial formulations with special functions
48. Development and production of new varieties, new formulations, special-purpose intermediates, or auxiliary agents of highly efficient, safe and environment-friendly agricultural chemicals and development and application of relevant clean production process (process of ethylene-based acetochlor, aqueous phase chlorpyrifos, process of recovery of methyl chloride with glyphosate, production of chiral and stereospecific pesticides by oriented synthesis, and synthetic technique of diethyl thiophosphoryl chloride)
49. Development and production of biological agricultural chemicals and biological control products: microbial pesticides, microbial fungicides, agricultural antibiotics, insect pheromones, natural enemies, and microbial herbicides
50. Comprehensive utilization, treatment and disposal of waste gas, liquid waste, and waste residue
51. Production of organic polymer materials: aircraft skin coating, rare earth cerium sulphide red dyes, lead-free electronic packaging materials, lithographic slurry specifically for color plasma screens, microfibers with a small diameter and a large specific surface area, high-precision fuel filter paper, lithium-ion battery diaphragms, surface treatment self-restoration materials, and superhydrophobicnanocoating materials
(XI) Pharmaceutical Industry
52. Production of new compound drugs or drugs with active ingredients (including drug substance and formulations)
53. Amino acids: production of tryptophan, histidine, methionine, etc. using the zymotechnics process
54. Production of new types of anticarcinogenic drugs, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs, and nervous system drugs
55. Production of new types of drugs employing bioengineering and biotechnology
56. Production of HIV/AIDS vaccines, Hepatitis C vaccines, contraceptive vaccines, and new types of vaccines for cervical carcinoma, malaria, “hand, foot and mouth” disease, etc.
57. Development and production of marine drugs
58. Pharmaceutical formulations: production of new formulations and new products employing new technologies, such as slow release, controlled release, targeting, and percutaneous absorption
59. Development and production of new excipients
60. Production of special antibacterial drug substance for animals (including antibiotics and chemical synthesis API)
61. Production of new products and new formulations of antibacterial drugs, anthelmintics, insecticides and anti-coccidiosis drugs for veterinary use
62. Development and production of new types of diagnostic reagents
(XII) Chemical Fiber Manufacturing
63. Production of high-tech chemical fibers (excluding viscose fibers), such as differential chemical fibers, aramid fibers, carbon fibers, high-performance/high modulus polyethylene fibers, and polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) fibers
64. Production of new types of polyester for fiber or non-fiber use: polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT), polyethylene naphthalate (PEN), polycyclohexylene dimethylene terephthalate (PCT), and glycol-modified polyethylene terephthalate (PETG)
65. Production of biomass fibers by utilizing new types of renewable resources and environment-friendly process, including new solvent spun cellulose fibers (Lyocell), regenerated cellulose fibers using bamboo, hemp, etc. as the raw material, poly lactic acid (PLA) fibers, chitin fiber, polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) fibers, and animal and plant protein fibers, etc.
66. Development and production of new polyamides such as nylon 11, nylon 12, nylon 1414, nylon 46, long carbon chain nylon, and high temperature resistance nylon
67. Production of aramid fibers and cords for radial tires
(XIII) Rubber and Plastic Products
68. Development and production of new photoecological, multifunctional and wide-width agricultural films
69. Recycling and reutilization of plastic waste
70. Development of new soft plastic packaging technologies and development and production of new varieties of soft plastic packaging products (including high-barrier and multifunctional films and relevant raw materials)
(XIV) Nonmetallic Mineral Products
71. Development and production of building materials featuring energy conservation, environmental protection, waste recycling, light-weight, high-strength, high performance, and multiple functions
72. Production of energy-saving and high-efficiency chemical building materials using plastic to replace steel or wood
73. Production of SBS/APP modified bitumen waterproof rolls with an annual output of 10 million square meters or more; wide (two meters or more) ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber waterproof rolls and relevant auxiliary materials; wide (two meters or more) polyvinyl chloride (PVC) waterproof rolls; and thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) waterproof rolls
74. Development and production of functional glass using new technologies: electromagnetic wave shielding glass; glass substrate for microelectronic use; infrared transmitting lead-free chalcogenide glass and products; electronic-grade large-scale quartz glass products (such as pipe, plate, copple, instruments, and utensils); multiple-functional windshield glass with excellent optical performance; extreme materials and products for use in information technologies (including quartz glass bushing and ceramic wafer for waveguide-grade, high-precise optical fiber preform rod); purification processing of raw materials for high pure (≥99.998%) or ultrapure (≥99.999%) crystal
75. Production of conductive glass for thin film batteries, glass for solar illuminator, and conductive glass for buildings
76. Production of glass fiber products and special glass fibers: low dielectric glass fibers, quartz glass fibers, high silica glass fibers, high strength and high elastic glass fibers, ceramic fiber, etc. and their products
77. Production of optical fibers and their products: optical fiber bundles for image transmission and laser optical fibers for medical treatment; super second-generation and third-generation microchannel plates; optical fiber panels; image inverters; and glass fiber cones
78. Standardized refinement of ceramics raw materials and production of high-grade decorative materials used in ceramics
79. Production of environment-friendly (non-chromizing) refractory materials used in furnaces, such as cement, electronic glass, ceramics, and microporous carbon bricks
80. Production of porous ceramics
81. Production of new inorganic and nonmetallic materials and products: composite materials, special ceramics, special sealing materials (including high-speed oil-seal materials), special friction materials (including high-speed friction brake products), special binding materials, special latex materials, underwater acoustic rubber products, and nanophase materials
82. Production of organic-inorganic composite cellular insulation materials
83. Production of high-tech composite materials: continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite materials and prepregs, auxiliary materials for molding of resin-based composite materials with thermal resistance of more than 300°C or above, resin-based composite material (including sports goods and light-weight high-strength parts of vehicle), special-function composite materials and their products (including composite material products used in deep water or for diving and composite materials products for medical treatment and recuperation), carbon-carbon composite materials, high-performance ceramic-based composite materials and their products, metal or glass-based composite materials and their products, metal-layered composite materials and their products, ultra high pressure composite rubber hoses (pressure ≥ 320MPa), and large passenger aircraft tires
84. Production of raw materials for precision and high-performance ceramics: ultra-fine silicon carbide (SiC) powder (purity > 99%, average particle size < 1μm), ultra-fine silicon nitride powder (Si3N4) (purity > 99%, average particle size < 1μm), high-purity ultra-fine alumina powder (purity > 99%, average particle size < 0.5μm), low-temperature sintered zirconia (ZrO2) powder (sintering temperature < 1350 °C), high-purity aluminium nitride (AlN) powder (purity > 99%, average particle size < 1μm), rutile titanium dioxide (TiO2) powder (purity > 98.5%), white carbon black (particle size < 100nm), and barium titanate (purity > 99%, average particle size < 1μm)
85. Development and production of high-quality artificial crystals and thin-film transistor products: high-quality artificially synthesized crystal (piezoelectric crystal and ultraviolet ray transmitting crystal); super-hard crystal (cubic boron nitride crystal); high-temperature resistant and highly-insulated artificially synthesized crystal (artificially synthesized mica); new electro-optic crystal; high-power laser crystal and large-scale scintillation crystal; diamond-film tool; ultrathin synthetic diamond saw blade with a thickness of not more than 0.3mm
86. Fine processing of nonmetallic minerals (ultra-fine grinding, high purifying, refining, and modified performance)
87. Production of ultra-high-power graphite electrodes
88. Production of pearl mica (particle size of 3-150μm)
89. Production of multi-dimensional and multi-directional integral fabrics and shape fabrics
90. Safe disposal of solid wastes using new dry process cement kilns
91. Recycling of building waste
92. Comprehensive utilization of industrial by-product gypsum and other industrial waste
93. Development and application of new technologies for the comprehensive utilization of nonmetal mine tailings; ecological restoration of mines
(XV) Nonferrous Metal Smelting and Rolling Processing
94. Production of silicon single crystals and polished wafers with a diameter of 200mm or more
95. Production of high-tech nonferrous materials: compound semiconductor materials (gallium arsenide, gallium phosphide, indium phosphide, and gallium nitride); high-temperature superconducting materials; memory alloy materials (titanium nickel and copper- and iron-based memory alloy materials); ultra-fine (nano) calcium carbide and ultra-fine (nano) crystal hard alloy; ultra-hard composite materials; precious metal composite materials; combination of light metal composite materials and heterogeneous materials; and aluminum foils for radiators; medium- and high-voltage cathode capacitor aluminum foils; special large aluminum alloy sections; aluminum alloy precision forging dies; overhead conductors for electrified railway lines; ultra-thin copper strips; copper alloy materials for corrosion-resistant heat exchangers; high-performance copper-nickel and copper-iron alloy strips; materials for processing beryllium copper strips, lines, pipes and rods; high-temperature resistant and anti-senescence tungsten filaments; magnesium alloy castings; lead-free solder; magnesium alloys and their products; foamed aluminum; titanium alloy smelting and processing; sponge zirconium at atomic energy level; and deeply processed tungsten and molybdenum products
(XVI) Metal Products
96. Research, development and manufacturing of new types of light-weight and environment-friendly materials for aviation, aerospace, automobiles and motorcycles (special-purpose aluminum sheets, aluminum-magnesium alloy materials, and aluminum alloy motorcycle frames, etc.)
97. Research, development and manufacturing of semi-solid light metal rapid formation materials
98. Manufacturing and processing (including painting and processing inner and outer surface of products) of metal packing products (which shall be complete products, and the thickness of container wall shall be less than 0.3 mm) used for packing various kinds of grain, oil, food, vegetables, fruits, beverages, and daily chemicals
99. Manufacturing of nickel-saving stainless steel products
(XVII) General Equipment Manufacturing
100. Manufacturing of high-end computerized numerical controlled (CNC) machine tools and key spare parts: five-axis alignment CNC machine tools, CNC coordinate boring and milling processing center, and CNC coordinate grinding machines
101. Manufacturing of multi-station forging forming machines of 1,000 tons or above
102. Manufacturing of equipment for dismantling, crushing, and post-processing and sorting of retired automobiles
103. Manufacturing of flexible transfer lines (FTL)
104. Manufacturing of vertical multi-joint industrial robots and welding robots and relevant welding devices and equipment
105. Manufacturing of sub-micron and ultra-fine grinders
106. Manufacturing of wheeled or crawler cranes of 400 tons or above
107. Design and manufacturing of high-pressure plunger pumps and engines with working pressure ≥ 35MPa and low-speed large-torque engines with working pressure ≥ 35MPa
108. Manufacturing of integrated hydraulic-pressure multiple unit valve with working pressure ≥ 25MPa and electro-hydraulic proportional servo elements
109. Design and manufacturing of valve terminal, pneumatic solenoid valve of less than 0.35W, and high-frequency electrically-controlled gas valves of 200Hz or more
110. Design and manufacturing of hydrostatic drive devices
111. Development and manufacturing of non-contact gas film seals with pressure >10MPa and dry gas seals with pressure > 10MPa (including experimental devices)
112. Development and manufacturing of equipment for automobile polymer materials (friction plates, remodeled phenolic pistons, nonmetallic hydraulic master/sub-pumps, etc.)
113. Manufacturing of the third-generation and above car wheel hub bearings; bearings for high- or medium-grade CNC machine tools or processing centers; high-speed wire rod or plate rolling mill bearings; high-speed railway bearings; low-noise bearings with vibration below Z4; P4 or P2 level bearings of various bearings; bearings of wind turbine generator set; aircraft bearings
114. Manufacturing of high-density, high-precision and complex-shaped powder metallugical parts and chains used for automobile, engineering machinery, etc.
115. Manufacturing of gear transmission used for wind power or high speed rail, gear transmission agent with adjustable blades used for vessels, and large-sized and heavy-load gear boxes
116. Manufacturing of high-temperature resistant insulation materials (F and H insulation classes) and moulded insulation products
117. Development and manufacturing of accumulator bladders and rubber and plastic seals for hydropneumatic use
118. Manufacturing of high-precision, high-strength (level 12.9 or above), special-shaped and assembly fasteners
119. Manufacturing of miniature precision transmission junction pieces (clutches)
120. Manufacturing of coupling shaft for heavy rolling mills
121. Remanufacturing of machinery such as machine tools, engineering machinery, and railroad engine equipment, remanufacturing of automobile parts and components; remanufacturing of key components of medical imaging equipment; and remanufacturing of office equipment such as copiers
122. Development and manufacturing of digital cameras of 10 million pixels or more or with the 120-degree or above horizontal field and their optical lens and optical modules
123. Manufacturing of office machinery (including industrial use): all-in-one multifunctional office equipment (printer, copier, fax machine, and scanner), color printing devices, heads of high-resolution color printers with precision of 2400dpi or more, and OPC drums
124. Manufacturing of film machinery: 2K, 4K digital cinema projectors, digital cinema cameras, and digital video production and editing equipment
(XVIII) Special-Purpose Equipment Manufacturing
125. Manufacturing of trackless equipment for excavation, loading and transport in mines: mechanically-driven tippers for mining with a capacity of 200 tons or more; mobile crushers; bucket wheel excavators with a capacity of 5,000 cubic meters or more per hour; loaders for mining with a capacity of eight cubic meters or more; and electrically-dragged coal mining machines of 2,500 kilowatts or more, etc.
126. Manufacturing of equipment for geophysical exploration (excluding gravity and magnetic observations) and well logging: MEME seismometers; digital telemetric seismographs; digital imaging systems and digitally controlled well logging systems; devices and apparatus for horizontal wells, directional wells and drilling rigs; and measurement-while-drilling (MWD) tools
127. Manufacturing of equipment for oil exploration, drilling, collection and transportation: floating drilling systems and floating production systems with an operating water depth of more than 1,500 meters and the supporting subsea oil extraction, collection and transportation equipment
128. Manufacturing of large-caliber rotary drilling rigs with a caliber of two meters or more and depth of 30 meters or more, push benches with a diameter of 1.2 meters or more, complete sets of large equipment with a pull-back force of 300 tons or more for laying underground pipes and lines without digging, and underground diaphragm wall construction drilling rigs
129. Design and manufacturing of large bulldozers of 520 horsepower or more
130. Design and manufacturing of silt removers with a capacity of 100 cubic meters or more per hour and dredging devices for dredgers with a capacity of 1,000 tons or more
131. Design and manufacturing of equipment for the construction of concrete cut-off walls used for flood prevention dikes
132. Manufacturing of underwater earthwork construction machinery: bulldozers, loaders, excavators, etc. operating nine meters underwater or deeper
133. Manufacturing of equipment for maintenance and automatic testing of highways and bridges
134. Manufacturing of equipment for operational monitoring, ventilation, disaster prevention and rescue systems of highway tunnels
135. Design and manufacturing of maintenance machinery and inspection and monitoring equipment for large-scale railway construction, railway tracks, bridges and tunnels and their key parts and components
136. Manufacturing of equipment for (asphaltic) linoleum tiles and equipment for producing galvanized steel sheets and other metal roofs
137. Manufacturing of equipment for environment-friendly and energy-saving on-site polyurethane spraying waterproof and thermal insulation systems; technology of preparing polyurethane sealants and manufacturing of relevant equipment; and technology of preparing improved silicone sealants and manufacturing of relevant production equipment
138. Design and manufacturing of high-precision strip mills (thickness precision of 10 microns)
139. Manufacturing of ore dressing equipment for multi-element, fine-particle and refractory metal minerals
140. Manufacturing of the key equipment of complete sets of ethylene equipment with an annual capacity of one million tons or more: mixing granulators with an annual processing capacity of 400,000 tons or more, helical-conveyer centrifuges with a diameter of 1,000 mm or more, and low-flow high-head centrifugal pump
141. Design and manufacturing of metal product molds (extrusion dies for pipes, rods and section bars made of copper, aluminum, titanium and zirconium)
142. Design and manufacturing of punching dies for automobile body covers, large-sized injection molds for automobile dashboard, bumper, etc., and clamps and gauges for automobiles and motorcycles
143. Design and manufacturing of production equipment for power batteries for automobiles
144. Design and manufacturing of precise die molds (punching dies with a precision higher than 0.02 millimeter and cavity molds with a precision higher than 0.05 millimeter)
145. Design and manufacturing of nonmetal product molds
146. Manufacturing of beer bottling equipment with a capacity of 60,000 bottles or more per hour, hot- and medium-temperature beverage bottling equipment with a capacity of 50,000 bottles or more per hour, and aseptic filling equipment with a capacity of 36,000 bottles or more per hour
147. Production technologies of amino acids, enzyme preparations, food additives, etc. and the manufacturing of key equipment
148. Manufacturing of complete sets of equipment for animal feed processing with a capacity of 10 tons or more per hour and the key parts of such equipment
149. Manufacturing of equipment for lightweight corrugated boards and cartons with corrugation height of 0.75 millimeter or less
150. Manufacturing of sheet-fed and multi-color offset presses (width ≥ 750 millimeters; printing speed: single side and multiple color ≥ 16,000 sheets per hour, and both sides and multiple color ≥ 13,000 sheets per hour)
151. Manufacturing of single-width single-paper path web-fed lithographic printing presses with a printing speed of more than 75,000 bisect sheets per hour (787×880 millimeters), double-width single-paper path web-fed lithographic printing presses with a printing speed of more than 170,000 bisect sheets per hour (787×880 millimeters), and commercial web-fed lithographic printing presses with a printing speed of more than 50,000 bisect sheets per hour (787×880 millimeters)
152. Manufacturing of multi-color wide flexographic presses (printing width ≥ 1,300 millimeters and printing speed ≥ 350 meters per second), inkjet digital printing presses (used for publication: printing speed ≥ 150 meters per minute and resolution ≥ 600dpi; used for packaging: printing speed ≥ 30 meters per minute and resolution ≥ 1,000dpi; used for variable data: printing speed ≥ 100 meters per minute and resolution ≥ 300dpi)
153. Manufacturing of systems for ink color computer pre-setting, remote ink color control, water-ink speed tracking, automatic printing quality inspection and tracking, and shaftless driving technology; manufacturing of high-speed automatic pasters and feeders with a speed of 75,000 sheets per hour, remotely adjustable high-speed folding machines, automatic overprinting systems, cooling devices, silicon-adding systems, and deviation adjustment devices
154. Manufacturing of electron-gun automatic coating machines
155. Deep processing technology for sheet glass and manufacturing of relevant equipment
156. Manufacturing of complete sets of equipment such as new types of paper (including pulp) making machines
157. Manufacturing of equipment using new leather post ornament and processing technology
158. Development and manufacturing of new agricultural product processing and storage equipment: new equipment for the processing, storage, preservation, grading, packaging, and drying of grains, oil crop, vegetables, nuts, dried and fresh fruit products, meat products, aquatic products, and other products; agricultural product quality inspection instruments and equipment; damage-free quality inspection instruments and equipment for agricultural products; rheometers; farinographs; ultramicro crushing equipment; high-efficiency dewatering equipment; high-efficiency fruit juice condensation equipment achieving five or more effects; sterilization equipment for powder food materials; solid and semi-solid food aseptically packaging equipment; and disk-type centrifugal separators
159. Manufacturing of agricultural machinery: agricultural equipment (automatic irrigation equipment for greenhouses, equipment for automatic disposition of nutrient solutions and fertilization, high-efficiency vegetable seedling equipment, and soil nutrient analysis equipment); tractors with an engine power of 200 kilowatts or more and the auxiliary farm implements; diesel engines with low fuel consumption, low noise and low emission; sprayers auxiliary to large tractors and equipped with residual droplets retrieval devices; high-performance rice transplanters; cotton picking machines and cotton picking platforms; self-propelled (hydraulically or mechanically-driven) corn combine harvesters adaptable to various row spacings; peanut harvesters; rapeseed harvesters; cane harvesters; and beet harvesters
160. Manufacturing of forestry machinery and instruments using new technology
161. Manufacturing of equipment for the collection, bundling and comprehensive utilization of crop straws
162. Manufacturing of equipment for the resource utilization of agricultural waste and waste from livestock and poultry breeding meeting a certain scale
163. Manufacturing of agricultural equipment using fertilizer-saving, pesticide-saving or water-saving technology
164. Manufacturing of equipment for cleaning electromechanical wells and equipment for producing cleaning agents
165. Manufacturing of electronic endoscopes
166. Manufacturing of fundus cameras
167. Manufacturing of key components of medical imaging equipment (high-field-strength superconducting magnetic resonance imaging equipment, X-ray computed tomography imaging equipment, and digital color diagnostic ultrasound equipment, etc.)
168. Manufacturing of (3D) ultrasonic transducers for medical use
169. Manufacturing of equipment for boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT)
170. Manufacturing of image-guided intensity modulated radiation therapy systems
171. Manufacturing of haemodialysis machines and hemofiltration machines
172. Manufacturing of equipment for automated biochemical monitoring equipment, automated five categories of blood analyzers, fully-automated chemiluminescence immunoassayanalyzers, and high-throughputDNA sequencing system
173. New technology for drug quality control and manufacturing of new equipment for drug quality control
174. Development of new analysis technology and new extracting process for active substance in natural drugs; development and manufacturing of new extracting equipment
175. Manufacturing of multi-layer co-extrusion water-cooled blown film equipment for non-PVC medical infusion bags
176. Development and manufacturing of new textile machinery, key parts and components, and textile testing and experimental apparatus
177. Manufacturing of computer-aided jacquard artificial fur machines
178. Manufacturing of equipment specially for producing solar cells
179. Manufacturing of air pollution prevention and control equipment: high-temperature resistant and corrosion-resistant filtering materials, low-NOx combustion devices, catalyst for flue gas denitrogenation and complete sets of denitrogenation equipment, flue gas desulfurization equipment, flue gas dedusting equipment, industrial organic exhaust purification equipment, diesel vehicle exhaust purification equipment, and heavy metal exhaust air treatment equipment
180. Manufacturing of water pollution prevention and control equipment: horizontal spiral centrifugal dehydrators, membrane and membrane materials, ozone generators with a capacity of more than 50kg/h, chlorine dioxide generators with a capacity of more than 10kg/h, ultraviolet disinfection devices, small domestic sewage treatment equipment used in rural areas, and heavy metal wastewater treatment equipment
181. Manufacturing of solid waste treatment and disposal equipment: sewage plant sludge disposal and resource recycling equipment, complete sets of refuse incineration equipment with a daily treatment capacity of 500 tons or more, landfill leachate treatment technology equipment, anti-seepage geo-membranes in landfills, building waste treatment and resource recovery utilization equipment, devices for the disposal of hazardous waste, devices for power generation with biogas in landfills, treatment equipment for ferrous wastes, and soil remediation equipment
182. Development and manufacturing of equipment for the comprehensive utilization of red mud from aluminum industry
183. Manufacturing of equipment for the comprehensive utilization of mine tailings
184. Manufacturing of equipment for the collection, treatment and recycling of used and waste plastics, electrical appliances, rubbers, and batteries
185. Manufacturing of reclamation equipment for used and waste textiles
186. Manufacturing of equipment for the remanufacturing of used and waste mechanical and electrical products
187. Manufacturing of devices for the comprehensive utilization of used and waste tires
188. Environmental protection technology for aquatic ecosystems and the manufacturing of relevant equipment
189. Manufacturing of portable assembling water purification equipment
190. Unconventional water treatment or recycling equipment and water quality monitoring instruments
191. Leak test equipment and instruments for industrial water pipeline networks and equipment (appliances)
192. Development of technologies for seawater desalination and circulating cooling with a daily capacity of 100,000 cubic meters or more and manufacturing of relevant complete sets of equipment
193. Manufacturing of special meteorological observation and analysis equipment
194. Technology system development for seismic stations, networks and mobile seismologic observation and manufacturing of relevant apparatus and equipment
195. Manufacturing of radial tire building machine with four or more drums
196. Manufacturing of rolling resistance testers and establishment of tire noise laboratories
197. Manufacturing of equipment using new technology for heat supply metering and temperature control devices
198. Manufacturing of equipment for hydrogen energy preparation, storage and transportation and inspection systems
199. Manufacturing of new heavy residual oil gasification and atomizing nozzles, high-efficiency steam trap valves with a leakage rate of 0.5% or below, and high-temperature ceramic heat exchanger with temperature of 1,000°C or above
200. Manufacturing of devices for recovery of marine oil spilling
201. Manufacturing of equipment for utilization of low concentration coal-mine gas and ventilation air methane
202. Development and utilization of clean coal technology products and manufacturing of relevant equipment (coal gasification, liquefaction, coal water slurry, and industrial coal)
203. Development of firefighting and rescue technologies and manufacturing of equipment for large-scale public buildings, high-rise buildings, petrochemical facilities, forests, mountains, water areas, and underground facilities
204. Manufacturing of intelligent equipment for emergency medical rescue
205. Manufacturing of sensor for hydrological monitoring
(XIX) Automobile Manufacturing
206. Manufacturing of automobile engines and establishment of engine research and development institutions: gasoline engines with power of not less than 70 kilowatts per liter, diesel engines with power of not less than 50 kilowatts per liter and displacement of less than 3 liters, diesel engines with power of not less than 40 kilowatts per liter and displacement of more than three liters, and engines using new energy resources such as fuel cells and mixed fuels
207. Manufacturing of key automobile parts and components and research and development of key technologies: dual-clutch transmission (DCT), continuously variable transmission (CVT), automated mechanical transmission (AMT), gasoline engine turbocharger, viscous coupling (for four-wheel drive), actuator for automatic transmission (electromagnetic valve), hydraulic retarder, eddy current retarder, gas generators for automobile safety air-bags, common rail fuel injection technology (with maximum injection pressure of more than 2,000 pa), variable geometry turbocharging (VGT) technology, variable nozzle turbocharging (VNT) technology, engine emission control devices meeting China's Phase V pollutant emission standards, intelligent torque management (ITM) systems and coupler assembly, steer-by-wire systems, particulate trap devices, special-purpose axles for low-floor large buses, energy-absorbing steering system, variable frequency air-conditioning system for large and medium buses, special rubber automobile accessories, and key parts and components of the above parts and components
208. Manufacturing and research and development of automobile electronic devices: electronic control systems and key parts and components of engine and chassis; vehicle electronic technologies (automobile information system and navigation system); automobile electronic bus network technologies; input (sensor and sampling system) and output (actuator) components of electronic control system; electronic controllers for electric power steering system; embedded electronic integrated systems; electronically-controlled air springs; electronically-controlled suspension systems; electronic valve system devices; electronic combination instrument; ABS/TCS/ESP systems; Brake-By-Wire (BBW) system; gearbox transmission control unit (TCU); tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS); on-board diagnostics (OBD); engine anti-theft system; automatic bump-shielded system; and testing systems for automobile and motorcycle testing and maintenance
209. Manufacturing of key parts and components of new energy automobiles: battery separators (thickness of 15-40μm, porosity of 40%-60%); battery management systems, motor management systems, and electronic control integration of electric vehicles; driving motors of electric vehicles (peak power density ≥ 2.5kW/kg, high-efficiency area: 65%, efficiency in working area ≥ 80%), vehicle DC/DC (input voltage of 100V-400V), high-power electronic devices (IGBT, voltage class ≥ 600V, current ≥ 300A); and plug-in hybrid electromechanical coupling drive systems; low-platinum catalyst of fuel cell, composite membrane, membrane electrode, control valve of humidifier, air compressor, hydrogen circulator and 70MPa hydrogen bottle
(XX) Railway, Vessel, Aerospace and Other Transportation Equipment Manufacturing
210. Manufacturing of engine emission control devices of high-emission (>250ml) motorcycles meeting China's Phase IV emission standards for motorcycles
211. Design, manufacturing and maintenance of civil aircrafts: aircrafts for trunk lines, regional aircrafts and utility aircrafts
212. Manufacturing and maintenance of civil aircraft parts and components
213. Design and manufacturing of civil helicopters
214. Manufacturing of civil helicopter parts and components
215. Manufacturing of ground-effect and water-effect aircrafts, and design and manufacturing of unmanned aerial vehicles and aerostats.
216. Design, manufacturing and maintenance of aircraft engines, engine parts and components and aircraft auxiliary power systems
217. Design and manufacturing of airborne equipment for civil aviation
218. Manufacturing of aviation ground equipment: civil airport facilities, civil airport operation guarantee facilities, ground facilities for flight tests, flight simulation and training equipment, aviation test and measurement equipment, equipment for aviation ground tests, integrated test equipment for airborne equipment, special equipment for aeronautical manufacturing, special equipment for trial manufacturing of aeronautical materials, civil aircraft ground reception and application equipment, carrier rocket ground testing equipment, and equipment for carrier rocket mechanics and environmental experiments
219. Design and manufacturing of civil satellites, and manufacturing of civil satellite payloads
220. Manufacturing of civil satellite parts and components
221. Manufacturing of testing equipment for products on satellites
222. Design of cruise ship and deepwater (3,000 meters or more) marine engineering equipment
223. Design of low- and medium-speed diesel engines of vessels and their parts and components
224. Design of cabin machinery of vessels
225. Design of vessel communication and navigation equipment
226. Design of yachts
(XXI) Electric Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
227. Manufacturing of key auxiliary equipment used for one million-kilowatt ultra-supercritical thermal power units: safety valves and control valves
228. Manufacturing of denitration equipment of sintering machines in the steel industry
229. Design and manufacturing of seals of thermal power equipment
230. Manufacturing of large castings and forgings for coal-fired power station and hydropower station equipment
231. Manufacturing of key auxiliary equipment for hydropower generating units
232. Manufacturing of power transmission and transformation equipment
233. Manufacturing of complete sets of equipment or key equipment for new energy power generation: equipment for photovoltaic power generation, geothermal power generation, tidal power generation, wave power generation, garbage power generation, biogas power generation, and wind power generation with a capacity of 2.5 megawatts or more
234. Manufacturing of Stirling generator sets
235. Development and manufacturing of linear motors, plane motors, and their drive systems
236. Manufacturing of high-tech green batteries: nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries, nickel-zinc batteries, silver-zinc batteries, lithium-ion batteries, solar batteries, fuel batteries, etc. (excluding energy type of new energy vehicle batteries)
237. Manufacturing of refrigeration compressors for air conditioning with motor adopting DC speed control technology, refrigeration compressors for air conditioning adopting CO2 natural refrigerants, and refrigeration equipment for air conditioning applying renewable energy (air source, water source or ground source)
238. Manufacturing of solar air conditioning and heating systems and solar drying devices
239. Manufacturing of biomass drying pyrolysis systems and biomass gasification devices
240. Manufacturing of alternating current (AC) variable voltage variable frequency (VVVF) drive devices
(XXII) Computer, Communication and Other Electronic Equipment Manufacturing
241. Manufacturing of HD digital cameras and digital sound playing equipment
242. Manufacturing of TFT-LCD, PDP, OLED and other panel displays and materials of displays (excluding TFT-LCD glass substrate for the 6th generation and below)
243. Manufacturing of key parts for large-screen color projection displays, such as optical engines, light sources, projection screens, high-resolution projection tubes, and micro-display projection modules
244. Manufacturing of digital audio and video coding and decoding equipment; equipment for digital broadcasting and television studios; equipment for digital cable television systems; digital audio broadcasting transmission equipment; digital television up-and-down converters; digital television ground broadcasting single frequency network (SFN) equipment; and equipment for satellite digital TV uplink stations
245. Design of integrated circuits; manufacturing of large-scale digital integrated circuits with a line width of 28 nanometers or less; manufacturing of analog or digital-analog integrated circuits with a line width of 0.11 micron or less, MEMS and compound semiconductor integrated circuits; and BGA, PGA, FPGA, CSP, MCM, and other advanced encapsulation and testing
246. Manufacturing of large- and medium-sized electronic computers, high-performance computers with a computing capacity of 10,000 trillion calculations per second, portable minicomputers, large analog simulation systems, and large industrial controlling machines and controllers
247. Manufacturing of computer digital signal processing system and boards
248. Manufacturing of graphic and image recognition and processing system
249. Development and manufacturing of high-capacity optical and disk drives and their components
250. Manufacturing of high-speed memory system and intelligent memory device with a capacity of 100TB or more
251. Manufacturing of computer-aided design (three-dimensional CAD) systems, electronic design automation (EDA) systems, computer-aided testing (CAT) systems, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems, computer-aided engineering (CAE) systems, and other computer application systems
252. Development and production of software products
253. Development and manufacturing of materials exclusively for electronic purposes (excluding development and manufacturing of optical fiber performs)
254. Manufacturing of equipment, testing instruments, tools, and molds exclusively for electronic purposes
255. Manufacturing of new electronic parts and components: chip components, sensitive components and sensors, frequency control and selection components, hybrid integrated circuits, power electronic devices, optoelectronic devices, new electromechanical components, polymer solid capacitors, super-capacitors, passive integrated components, high-density interconnect (HDI) boards, flex printed circuit (FPC) boards, rigid-flex printed circuit (R-FPC) boards, and packaging boards
256. Manufacturing of touch control system (touch control screens, touch components, etc.)
257. Research, development and manufacturing of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) devices
258. Manufacturing of high-brightness light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with luminous efficiency of more than 1,401 m/W, LED epitaxial wafers (blue light) with luminous efficiency of more than 1,401 m/W, and white luminous tubes with luminous efficiency of more than 1,401m/W and power of more than 200mW
259. Development and production of key parts of high-density digital disk drives
260. Production of recordable disks
261. Research, development and manufacturing of key parts for 3D printing devices
262. Manufacturing of equipment for satellite communication systems
263. Manufacturing of optical communication measuring instruments and optical transceivers with a speed of 40Gbps or more
264. Manufacturing of ultra-wideband (UWB) communication equipment
265. Manufacturing of equipment for wireless local area networks (including WAPI support) and wide area networks
266. Manufacturing of time division multiplex equipment (TDM) with rate of 100Gbps or more, dense wavelength division multiplexing equipment (DWDM), broadband passive network equipment (including EPON, GPON, WDM-PON, etc.), next-generation DSL silicon and equipment, optical cross connect (OXC) equipment, automatically switched optical network (ASON) equipment, and transmission equipment for SDH optical fiber communication at not less than 40 Gbps
267. Development and manufacturing of IPv6-based next generation Internet system equipment, terminal equipment, testing equipment, software, and chips
268. Development and manufacturing of the fourth generation and subsequent mobile communication cell phones, base stations, core network equipment, and network testing equipment
269. Development and manufacturing of (bidirectional) high-end routers with the overall processing capacity of more than 6.4Tbps and switches with the switching capacity of more than 40Tbps
270. Manufacturing of equipment for air traffic control systems
271. Development and manufacturing of Chinese medical science electronic auxiliary teaching equipment based on sound, light, electricity, touch control, and other computer-based information technologies, and simulated pathological and physiological model man equipment
(XXIII) Manufacturing of Instruments and Meters
272. Manufacturing of industrial process automatic control system and devices: fieldbus control systems, large-scale programmable logic controller (PLC), two-phase flow meters, solid flow meters, and new-type sensors and field measuring meters
273. Development and manufacturing of large precision instruments and high-resolution microscopes (with the resolution less than 200 nm)
274. Manufacturing of high-precision digital voltmeters and ammeters (with a span of seven and a half bits or more)
275. Manufacturing of reactive power auto-compensation devices
276. Manufacturing of new instruments and equipment for production safety
277. Manufacturing of VXI bus automatic testing systems (meeting IEEE1155 international standards)
278. Development and manufacturing of coal mine underground monitoring and hazard forecasting systems and coal safety testing and management systems
279. Manufacturing of engineering surveying and geophysical observation equipment
280. Manufacturing of environmental monitoring instruments
281. Manufacturing of instruments and equipment for hydrological data collection, processing, and transmission and for flood control early warning
282. Manufacturing of instruments and equipment for marine exploration monitoring
(XXIV) Comprehensive Utilization of Waste Resources
283. Coal dressing and comprehensive utilization of coal ash (including desulfurized gypsum), coal gangue, etc.
284. Production of completely biodegradable materials
285. Recycling and treatment of waste and used electrical and electronic products, automobiles, mechanical and electrical equipment, rubbers, metals, and batteries
IV. Power, Heat, Gas and Water Production and Supply Industries
286. Construction and operation of ultra-supercritical power plants with a unit generating capacity of 600,000 kilowatts or more
287. Construction and operation of back-pressure combined heat and power stations, combined heat, power and cooling stations, and heat and power stations with a generating capacity of 300,000 kilowatts or more
288. Construction and operation of large-scale air-cool power stations with a unit capacity of 600,000 kilowatts or more in water shortage areas
289. Construction and operation of clean coal power generation projects, such as integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC)
290. Construction and operation of power generation projects with a unit generating capacity of 300,000 kilowatts or more by using fluidized bed boilers and utilizing gangue, middling and coal slurry, etc.
291. Construction and operation of hydropower stations for the primary purpose of power generation
292. Construction and operation of nuclear power stations
293. Construction and operation of new energy power stations (including solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, tidal energy, tidal current energy, wave energy, and biomass energy, etc.)
294. Construction and operation of grids
295. Seawater utilization (direct utilization of seawater or seawater desalination)
296. Construction and operation of water supply plants
297. Construction and operation of renewable water plants
298. Construction and operation of sewage treatment plants
299. Construction and operation of vehicle charging stations and battery replacement stations
300. Construction and operation of hydrogen filling stations
V. Transportation, Warehousing and Postal Service Industries
301. Construction and operation of network of trunk railway lines
302. Construction and operation of intercity railway, commuter (suburb) railway, resource development railway, branch railway, and related bridges, tunnels, ferries and station facilities
303. Comprehensive maintenance of infrastructures of high-speed railways and intercity railways
304. Construction and operation of highways, independent bridges and tunnels
305. Road freight transportation companies
306. Construction and operation of public dock facilities in ports
307. Construction and operation of civil airports
308. Public air transportation companies
309. General airline companies for agriculture, forestry, and fishery
310. International marine transportation companies
311. International container multimodal transportation services
312. Construction and operation of oil (gas) pipelines and oil (gas) depots
313. Construction and operation of coal pipeline transportation facilities
314. Construction and operation of elevated three-dimensional automatic warehousing facilities and integrated warehousing facilities related to packing, processing and distribution services
VI. Wholesale and Retail Industries
315. Common distribution of common commodities, low-temperature distribution of live and fresh agricultural products and special drugs, and other logistical services, and relevant technological services
316. Rural chain distribution
317. Construction and operation of pallet and container unit sharing system
VII. Leasing and Business Service Industries
318. International economic, science and technology, environmental protection, and logistical information consulting services
319. By contracting outsourced services, engaging in system application management and maintenance, information technology support management, bank back-office services, financial settlement, software development, off-shore call centers, data processing, and other outsourced information technology and business process services
320. Venture capital enterprises
321. Intellectual property right services
322. Home service
VIII. Scientific Research and Technical Service Industries
323. Bioengineering and biomedical engineering technologies and biomass energy development technology
324. Isotope, radiation and laser technology
325. Marine development and marine energy exploitation technology, technology for the comprehensive utilization of marine chemical resources, development and refinement or deep processing of related products, and marine medicine and biochemical product development technology
326. Ocean monitoring technology (ocean tidal waves, weather, environmental monitoring) and seabed detection and oceanic resources exploration and assessment technologies
327. Technologies for high value-added utilization of seawater chemical resources, such as the production of salt and extraction and deep processing of potassium, bromine, magnesium and lithium by comprehensively utilizing desalinated dense seawater
328. Offshore oil pollution cleaning and ecology recovery technology and relevant product development, technology for the prevention and treatment of sea water eutrophication, technology for the prevention and treatment of marine life explosive growth disaster, and coastal zone ecological environment recovery technology
329. Energy saving and environmental protection technology development and services
330. Development and application of technologies for recycling and comprehensive utilization of resources and for recycling of emissions and discharges from enterprise productions
331. Environmental pollution treatment and monitoring technologies
332. New technologies for energy efficiency in chemical fiber production and printing and dying processing and for the treatment of exhaust gas, waste liquid and waste residue
333. Desertification prevention and desert treatment technologies
334. Comprehensive management technology for grassland-livestock balance
335. Civil satellite application technology
336. Research and development centers
337. High and new technology, new product development, and enterprise incubation centers
338. Development and application of technologies on the Internet of things
339. Industrial design, construction design, costume design and other creative industries
IX. Water Conservancy, Environmental, and Public Facility Management Industries
340. Construction and operation of urban enclosed roads
341. Construction and operation of urban subway, light railway and other track transport
342. Construction and operation of garbage treatment plants, hazardous waste treatment and disposal plants (incineration plants and landfills), and environmental pollution treatment and control facilities
343. Construction and operation of urban parking facilities
X. Education
344. Non-educational system vocational training institutions
XI. Health and Social Work
345. Service institutions for seniors, the disabled and children
346. Elderly care institutions
XII. Cultural, Sports and Entertainment Industries
347. Operation of performance venues
348. Operation of sports grounds and body-building, contest performance and sports training and intermediate services
Special Administrative Measures for the Access of Foreign Investments
(Negative List for the Access of Foreign Investments)
I. The Special Administrative Measures for the Access of Foreign Investments (Negative List for the Access of Foreign Investments) set out in a unified manner restrictive measures for the access of foreign investments such as the requirements for shareholding and senior executives, but do not include restrictive measures applicable to domestic and foreign investments consistently and restrictive measures irrelevant to access.
II. Foreign investors shall not conduct business activities as individual businesses, investors of sole proprietorship enterprises or members of farmers' professional cooperatives.
III. No foreign investor may engage in prohibited items listed in the Negative List; and no foreign-funded partnership may be formed for the engagement in prohibited items subject to limitations on proportion of foreign investment.
IV. Where the merger and acquisition of affiliated domestic companies by domestic companies, enterprises or natural persons via the companies legally formed or controlled overseas by them involve the matters relating to the establishment of foreign investment projects and enterprises as well as the modification thereof, the existing provisions shall apply.
V. Where the items set forth in the Catalogue of Encouraged Foreign Investment Industries and the Negative List overlap, such items enjoy encouraged policies and shall comply with the relevant access provisions.
VI. Where there are otherwise provisions in the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement between Mainland and Hong Kong and its supplementary agreements and agreements on trade in services, the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement between Mainland and Macao and its supplement agreements and agreements on trade in services, the Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement and its follow-up agreements, free trade zone agreements and investment agreements entered into by and between China and other relevant countries, international treaties to which China serves as a party, and laws and regulations of China, such provisions shall prevail.
VII. Where foreign service providers are required to satisfy the requirements for approval, safety assessment and senior management in providing news or cultural services (including those related to the Internet) in China, the existing relevant provisions shall apply.
Part I Catalogue of Restricted Industries for Foreign Investment
1. Selection and cultivation of new varieties of crops and production of seeds (Chinese parties as controlling shareholders)
2. Exploration and exploitation of oil and natural gas (excluding coal-bed methane, oil shale, oil sands and shale gas) (limited to Chinese-foreign equity or contractual joint ventures)
3. Exploration and exploitation of special and rare kinds of coal (Chinese parties as controlling shareholders)
4. Exploration and exploitation of graphite
5. Printing of publications (Chinese parties as controlling shareholders)
6. Smelting and separation of rare earth elements (limited to Chinese-foreign equity or contractual joint ventures), and smelting of tungsten
7. Manufacturing of whole automobiles and special use cars: The proportion of shares of the Chinese party shall not be lower than 50%, one foreign investor may establish no more than two joint ventures in China that undertake the production of the same kinds (the classes of passenger cars and commercial cars) of whole automobile products. If the foreign investor merges other automobile producers in China together with the Chinese joint venture partner and establishes the equity joint venture to manufacture whole all-electric vehicle products jointly with its Chinese joint venture partners, it may not be restricted by the said two joint ventures.
8. Design, manufacturing and repair of vessels (including sections) (Chinese parties as controlling shareholders)
9. Design, manufacturing and maintenance of aircraft for trunk and tributary lines, design and manufacturing of helicopters at the level of three tons or more, manufacturing of ground-effect and water-effect aircraft, and design and manufacturing of UAV and aerostats (Chinese parties as controlling shareholders)
10. Design, manufacturing and maintenance of general aircraft (limited to Chinese-foreign equity or contractual joint ventures)
11. Manufacturing of satellite telecasting ground receiving facilities and key components
12. Construction and operation of nuclear power stations (Chinese parties as controlling shareholders)
13. Construction and operation of power grids (Chinese parties as controlling shareholders)
14. Construction and operation of pipeline networks for gas, heat, and water supply and sewage in cities with a population of more than 500,000 (Chinese parties as controlling shareholders)
15. Construction and operation of network of trunk railway lines (Chinese parties as controlling shareholders)
16. Railway passenger transport companies (Chinese parties as controlling shareholders)
17. Domestic water transport companies (Chinese parties as controlling shareholders), and international marine transportation companies (limited to Chinese-foreign equity or contractual joint ventures)
18. Construction and operation of civil airports (Chinese parties holding a relative majority of shares)
19. Public air transportation companies (Chinese parties as controlling shareholders, the investment of a single foreign investor and its affiliated enterprises shall not exceed 25% and the legal representative must have the Chinese nationality)
20. General aviation companies (The legal representative must have the Chinese nationality, of which general aviation companies for agriculture, forestry and fishery are subject to equity joint venture operations, and other general aviation companies are subject to the limitation that Chinese parties are controlling shareholders)
21. Telecommunication companies: limited to services opened according to the WTO commitment, value-added telecommunication services (with the proportion of foreign investment not exceeding 50%, excluding e-commerce); basic telecommunication services (Chinese parties as controlling shareholders)
22. Purchase and wholesale of rice, wheat and corn
23. Vessel agencies (Chinese parties as controlling shareholders)
24. Construction and operation of gas stations (in the case of the same foreign investors selling product oil of different varieties and brands from multiple suppliers through more than 30 chain gas stations, the Chinese parties shall be the controlling shareholders)
25. Banks (The proportion of the shares of a single overseas financial institution and the affiliated party controlled or jointly controlled by it as the promoter or strategic investor of a single Chinese-funded commercial bank shall not exceed 20%; and the proportion of the total shares of several overseas financial institutions and the affiliated parties controlled or jointly controlled by them as the promoters or strategic investors shall not exceed 25%; and overseas financial institutions that invest in small and medium-sized rural financial institutions must be banking financial institutions; foreign investors and sole or controlling shareholders establishing branches of foreign banks, wholly foreign-funded banks and Chinese-foreign joint venture banks shall be overseas commercial banks, and non-controlling shareholders establishing such banks may be overseas financial institutions)
26. Insurance companies (in the case of life insurance companies, the proportion of foreign investment shall not exceed 50%)
27. Securities companies (limited to underwriting and sponsoring of RMB common shares, foreign capital shares, and government and corporate bonds, brokerage of foreign capital shares, and brokerage and self-operation of government and corporate bonds; qualified companies that have been formed for two years or more may apply for expanding business scope; Chinese parties shall be the controlling shareholders) and securities investment fund management companies (Chinese parties as controlling shareholders)
28. Futures companies (Chinese parties as controlling shareholders)
29. Market investigations (limited to Chinese-foreign equity or contractual joint ventures, and Chinese parties as controlling shareholders for radio and television rating investigation)
30. Surveying and mapping companies (Chinese parties as controlling shareholders)
31. Pre-school educational institutions, ordinary senior high schools, and institutions of higher learning (limited to Chinese-foreign contractual joint ventures and Chinese parties playing the leading role)
32. Medical institutions (limited to Chinese-foreign equity or contractual joint ventures)
33. Production of radio and television programs and movies (limited to Chinese-foreign contractual joint ventures)
34. Construction and operation of cinemas (Chinese parties as controlling shareholders)
35. Performance brokerage agencies (Chinese parties as controlling shareholders)
The Chinese parties play the leading role means that the president or the chief administrative officer shall have the Chinese nationality, and Chinese members of the board of governors, the board of directors or the joint management committee of a Chinese-foreign cooperative educational institution shall not be less than one half of all members.
Part II Catalogue of Prohibited Industries for Foreign Investment
1. Research and development, breeding, and planting of China's rare and special varieties and production of relevant breeding materials (including quality genes in planting industry, animal husbandry, and aquaculture)
2. Selection of genetically modified crop, breeding livestock and poultry, and aquatic fingerlings and production of genetically modified seeds (seedlings)
3. Fishing in the sea area and inland waters under China's jurisdiction
4. Exploration and exploitation of tungsten, molybdenum, tin, stibonium and fluorite
5. Exploration, exploitation and ore dressing of rare earth
6. Exploration, exploitation and ore dressing of radioactive minerals
7. Application of processing techniques such as steaming, stir-frying, moxibustion, and calcination for making small pieces of ready-for-use traditional Chinese medicines; and production of traditional Chinese patent medicine of secret prescriptions
8. Smelting and processing of radioactive minerals, and production of nuclear fuel
9. Manufacturing of weapons and ammunitions
10. Production of Xuan paper and Chinese ink ingot
11. Air traffic control
12. Postal companies; and domestic express delivery of letters
13. Wholesale and retail of tobacco leaves, cigarettes, redried tobacco leaves and other tobacco products
14. Social investigations
15. Consulting of Chinese legal affairs (excluding the provision of information on the influence of Chinese legal environment)
16. Development and application of human stem cell and genetic diagnosis and treatment technologies
17. Geodetic surveying, marine charting, aerial photography for surveying and mapping purposes, ground mobile surveying, administrative boundary surveying and compilations of topographic maps, world maps of government affairs, national administrative maps, administrative maps at or below the provincial level, national teaching maps, local teaching maps and true three dimensional maps, compilations of electronic maps for navigation purposes, geological mapping, and investigations on minerals and geology, earth physics, earth chemistry, hydrological geology, environmental geology, geological disasters, and remote sensing geology, etc.
18. Development of wild animal and plant resources originated in and protected by China
19. Compulsory educational institutions
20. News agencies (including but not limited to news service)
21. Editing and publishing of books, newspapers and periodicals
22. Editing, publishing and production of audio-visual products and electronic publications
23. All radio stations, television stations, radio and television channels (frequencies), radio and television transmission and coverage networks (transmitting stations, relay stations, radio and television satellites, satellite uplink stations, satellite receiving and transmitting stations, microwave stations, monitoring stations, and cable radio and television transmission and coverage networks), radio and television video-on-demand services, and installation services for ground receiving facilities for television broadcasting by satellite
24. Radio and television program production and operation (including introduction) companies
25. Movie production companies, distribution companies, and cinema companies
26. Internet news information services, online publication services, online audio and video programs, business premises for Internet-access services, and Internet cultural business (excluding music), and services for internet information release by the public
27. Enterprises undertaking cultural relics auctions and cultural relics stores
28. Humanities and social sciences research institutes
Remarks: For the purpose of the Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries (2017 Revision), “more than” and “less than” shall not include the figure itself; and “not less than” and “not more than” shall include the figure itself.