Lawyer Na Ren called for the protection of ethnic cultural heritage in a telephone interview with Xinhua News Agency

 2019-01-14  245

On December 23, 2018, Mr. Na Ren, a lawyer from our firm, received a phone interview from a reporter of Xinhua News Agency, expressing his views on the vulgarities of using the image and name of Genghis Khan on its condoms. Lawyer Na Ren believes that great historical figures are our cultural heritages, and we can learn from the practice of protecting the fame and honor of heroes and martyrs, and formulate laws and regulations to protect those great historical figures who gather national emotions, embody national pride and inherit national culture. At the same time, it is suggested that relevant administrative supervision departments and law enforcement departments should strengthen law enforcement, enhance the commercial value of using historical celebrities as signboards, and strengthen the control of spoofing and insulting historical celebrities in reality and on the Internet.

Photo: Mr. Na Ren