Since 2008, Chinese real estate market has witnessed a tremendous growth for decade and many new investors are moving into this field from other investment areas. Nuo Di is one of the preeminent law firms capable of providing full range real estate related legal services covering the whole real estate industry for various clients, including investors, developers, building contractors, real estate funds, etc.   

We advise on land grant, project financing, real estate development, real estate transfer,  property operation and management, public offerings of real estate companies, infrastructures and PPP, environment and real estate related dispute resolutions. We offer market-leading advice across a range of practice areas covering comprehensively many subdivisions of the real estate industry, including residential real estates, office real estates, commercial real estates, industrial real estates, tech parks, housing real estates for the aged, tourism real estates, hotel management and urban housing demolition projects. With high-speed ten years’ experinec in the field, we help you make sense of local laws in the context of your own experiences and assist you to navigate the complexities of the markets and help to enhance the cooperation with local government and relevant organs. Clients trust us to manage the intricacies of their transactions and disputes, synthesizing legal and commercial knowledge to provide them with counsel that translates into successful outcomes.

Scope of Services

Commercial Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Transaction & Leasing

Real Estate Development

Real Estate Finance

Real Estate Management

Real Estate Tax

Environment Protection

Construction & Infrastructure

Urban Housing Demolition