Shanghai is the Oriental Pearl worldwide and has long history of ideal city for foreigners to do business and live in. As one of the first law firms based on Shanghai to provide services to foreign companies and individuals, Nuo Di has undertaking numbersous projects and cases with foreign elements invovled. Nuo Di has a highly skilled professional team of lawyers who have accumulated a wealth of experience in foreign investment, overseas investment, international business negotiations and dispute resolution etc. They are in a position to provide high-quality and efficient legal services to clients in Chinese, English, Mongolian and other languages.

In the field of foreign investment, we have represented many large multinational companies in China to invest in manufacturing, international trade, tech park, research centre, project supervision, design, logistics, technical consulting and many other areas. We have assisted the clients to establish new factories, headquarter of Asia, tech park, research centre, representative office or to merge local enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta and other areas of mainland. We also provide a number of legal services to clients for their daily operation, business negotiations and disputes resolutions during their international business activities. 

With the development of the integration of world culture and communication, we also provide high quality and efficient private legal services to those Chinese clients, who immigrates to, work or study in foreign countries and those foreign clients, who travel, work or study in China.

Scope of Services

Foreign Direct Investment

Overseas Investment 

Establishment of Representative Office in China

Dissolution and Liquidation of Companies 

Overseas Financing Legal Consulting

International Marriage

International Trade

Recognition & Enforcement of Foreign Judgments

Study, Training & Working Abroad