With the deveopment of economy and flow, the earth is becoming a global village and marriage & family legal issues are no more limited in one or two countries. As one of the earliest law firms in Shanghai to focus on the international marriage or family legal services, Nuo Di has accumulated rich experience especially in international marriage, prenuptial agreement, divorce litigation, divorce agreement, custody, support disputes, domestic violence, inheritance, division of property, and recognition of foreign judgments, etc.

When we work with our clients on their marriage and family issues, we provide more than just legal opinions and advice. We provide psychological and cultural advice in assisting our clients in structuring, negotiating and documenting the full array of case and related agreements tailored to each client's needs, benefits and the customs of their motherlands. 

There is an old Chinese saying:”A peaceful family will prosper.”Wish every family goes back to the normal track under legal assistance.

Scope of Services

Divorce by Agreement or Litigation

Dismemberment of Joint Property

Custody of child

Legacy Inheritance

Property Partition

International Marriage

Divorce Mediation