Not forget the Original Intention Always Keep In Mind the Mission

 2019-08-13  198

Since 2006, Zhang Muming, lawyer from Shanghai Nuo Di Law Firm, has been focusing on the legal business of marriage and family affairs, demolition and expropriation. In 2010, he began to devote himself to serving the grassroots and providing legal consultation for the neighborhood committee. Through thorough investigation, Shanghai Laoximen Judicial Institute decided to hire lawyer Zhang Muming as a legal counsel of Laoximen Street , mainly serving in Longmen Cun, Ai Jia lane neighborhood committees. On every Friday morning, lawyer Zhang provides legal advice on marriage and family affairs to residents at the public legal service station of Laoximen street.


Do not forget the original intention, always keep in mind the mission. Since choosing law as our lifelong pursuit of the cause, we should always not forget the original intention and mission of legal people. With our voice of justice, to pick up the weapons of the law, to defend the legitimate rights and interests of the people!