Be careful with over-charge lawyer fee for litigation

 2022-08-09  486

A is an executive of a well-known company from Japan, during his tenure in Shanghai, he entrusted a Shanghai law firm called B to sue a lady due to a dispute with her. He asked the lady to return RMB 600,000 yuan. The director of B patted his chest to ensure that the case would definitely win. However, in the end, a total of nearly 1.2 million yuan of legal fees were collected by B for various reasons, not only that, the lawsuit was fought down and only the return of RMB 20,000 yuan was supported.


A was extremely angry, so he entrusted Shanghai Nuodi Law Firm to sue the law firm B, the case went through the first and the second trials in Shanghai. The second instance is now ruling to remand for retrial. We will wait for the fair judgment!


Shanghai Nuodi Law Firm has always adhered to the concept of integrity and diligence to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the clients, we always believe that lawyers are not only legal professionals, but also to actively fulfill social responsibilities. We have very skilled Japanese and English speaking lawyers to ease your worries or burden.