Nuodi Law Firm Assists 3 Billion Investment Project

 2023-01-04  784

On the afternoon of December 21, 2022, Zhongpan Zhichuang (Jiangsu) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. signed an Investment Agreement with Tinglin Economic Community in Jinshan District of Tinglin Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai, with a planned investment of RMB 3 Billion and a planned land of about 133,333 square meters. This project is to build an intelligent manufacturing industry agglomeration area and demonstration area with international competitiveness led by new energy-related industries and artificial intelligence industry as the core.


As the intermediary legal counsel, Shanghai Nuodi Law Firm provided legal services for the investment throughout the process, including investment intention intermediary services, investment plan demonstration, due diligence, government land transfer, investment document drafting, commercial negotiation, etc. Shanghai Nuodi Law Firm will continue to assist the parties in completing the subsequent closing of this project.


With its rich experience in the field of government-enterprise intermediary business, Shanghai Nuodi Law Firm provides clients with professional and efficient legal services, which once again demonstrates Nuodi Law Firm's outstanding ability to provide excellent solutions and legal services for large-scale complex investment projects, which is highly recognized by clients.