Chinese logistics firms refuse to transport illegal wildlife products

 2019-05-08  442

Twelve major logistic companies in China have signed-on to an international covenant, stipulating they will not transport illegal wildlife products. This is part of a worldwide campaign protecting the diversity and resources of wildlife, reports

Body parts of wild animals seized after police busted a wildlife trading ring in Mianyang, Sichuan Province, January 3, 2017. [File Photo: IC]

The campaign includes some national logistic companies such as EMS, SF-Express and YTO-Express, as well as global logistic giants DHL and FedEx.

"Logistics has become an essential part of transporting wildlife and wildlife products, so the counter measures by the logistic companies will help to reduce illegal deals with wildlife, improving the protection of them," said Liu Wangde, Deputy director of the Department of Wildlife Protection.

"The campaign shows a resolve of the companies involved to protect wildlife," said Jiao Zhen, Deputy Secretary General of China Express Association.

Wildlife protection in China's logistics sector has been taking place for some time. In 2015, the State Post Bureau and the State Administration of Import and Export raised a proposal of "zero tolerance towards illegal transportation of wildlife." 17 Chinese logistic companies took part in it at the time. EMS and SF-Express have since organized training courses to identify any illegal trade in wildlife.

Source:China Plus