Opinions of the Shanghai municipal people's government on further promoting foreign investment in Shanghai

 2019-09-29  227

Opinion 2: further attracting foreign investment


6. Establish and improve the foreign investment promotion mechanism, build investment promotion project information database, investment promotion activity database and investment promotion project resource database, and improve the overseas investment promotion network and foreign investment coordination network.We will improve the joint meeting system of foreign investment promotion services led by the municipal commission of commerce, and support the establishment of consultation centers for foreign investment promotion services in Shanghai.


7. Build a comprehensive service system for promoting foreign investment, adhere to market dominance and government guidance, and build a "four-in-one" investment promotion system consisting of government departments, professional institutions, business associations and enterprises. Strengthen investment promotion services in all directions, through all processes and all channels.


8. Establish a unified foreign-investment promotion service platform in Shanghai to collect, summarize and release foreign-investment related laws and regulations, policies and measures, industry trends, project information, etc. based on the "Shanghai Enterprise Service Cloud", and provide investment information, project matching, investment docking and other functions online and offline.


9. Give play to effect of promotion of international Import Expo investment and capital introduction, hold "Shanghai investment promotion conference" annually to connect China International Import Expo high-level economic and trade delegations and overseas exhibitors. Shanghai as well as its districts jointly builds a batch of investment promotion brand activities  to launch " Shanghai investment map" and economic and trade routes with characteristics to  promote high-level foreign investment projects realized.


10. Support state-level economic and technological development zones in giving full play to their industrial and institutional advantages, deepen institutional innovation and exploration in opening up areas, optimize the management mechanisms of development, construction and operation entities, and improve the quality of attracting foreign investment.


11. Support foreign-invested enterprises to expand financing channels by listing on the main board, the technology innovation board, the small and medium-sized enterprises board, listing on the new three board and issuing corporate bonds in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations.


12. Regularly compile and issue guidelines such as foreign investment guidelines and white papers on the environment for foreign investment to provide services and convenience for foreign investors and foreign-invested enterprises. According to actual conditions, guidelines for foreign investment in the region shall be compiled and issued on a regular basis.


13. Create a more convenient trade environment, promote the inter-departmental sharing of enterprise credit rating. According to the credit rating, give foreign invested enterprises the corresponding customs clearance facilities. Support qualified foreign-invested enterprises in developing new ways of trade.


14. Facilitate entry and exit and work permits for foreign talents. Improve services for high-level foreign professionals, and establish channels for ensuring safe housing, children education, and medical care.


15. Encourage and support foreign start-up teams and foreign-invested enterprises to establish innovative enterprises and service organizations in Shanghai, support foreign-invested enterprises to transform and industrialize their high-tech achievements, and equally enjoy technological innovation policies such as technological innovation funds and technological innovation vouchers for small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises, as well as the recognition of high-tech achievements transformation projects.


16. Deepen the reform of streamlining administration and services in the field of foreign investment, follow the principle of "convenience, efficiency and transparency", and rely on the general portal of the "one network general office" of Shanghai government affairs to simplify procedures for foreign-invested enterprises, improve efficiency and optimize government services. Vigorously promote "double randomness and one publicity", establish a fault-tolerant mechanism for minor market violations of laws and regulations, and encourage foreign-invested enterprises to carry out business activities in accordance with the law.


17. Establish and improve round-table meetings and other long-term mechanisms for foreign invested enterprises to communicate with governments and enterprises, listen to the opinions and suggestions of foreign invested enterprises, and timely understand and help foreign invested enterprises solve problems in their production and operation activities in accordance with the law.


18.In accordance with the provisions of laws, administrative regulations and local regulations, we will formulate policies and measures to promote and facilitate foreign investment within the scope of our statutory powers.