Bank of China increases the credit resources in the integration of the Yangtze river delta

 2020-01-06  193

On August 1, 2019, Mr. Liu Liange, chairman of Bank of China, released in Shanghai the first integrated financial services plan for the banking industry in the Yangtze river delta, with a plan to invest at least 1 trillion yuan of new credit resources in the region in the next five years. Since then, other banks have proposed to support the development of the Yangtze river delta integration strategy.


Among them, the positioning of Jiangsu branch in the Yangtze river delta integration strategy is to give full play to the geographical advantages of good industrial foundation, strong regional depth and overlapping multiple national strategic opportunities, constantly improve the mainstream market position of core business, and focus on grasping business opportunities in the fields of transportation, manufacturing, green and people's livelihood.


The Zhejiang branch of the Bank of China has also been actively involved in the transportation interconnection planning of Zhejiang province, which has made it clear that the main business battlefield of the whole province will be further transferred to the Hang-Jia-Hu (Hangzhou, Jiaxing and Huzhou) area, and allocated more resources. For example, for the Jiashan demonstration zone, the Zhejiang branch will set up an operating institution in the zone to open up a green channel for various local credit granting projects until the approval of the provincial bank, and strive for an additional credit granting of 10 billion yuan for Jiashan.


In terms of customer target, private enterprises are the priority among priorities of Bank of China Zhejiang branch. And Zhejiang branch will increase investment in order to better meet customer demand.


With the development of the integration process of the Yangtze river delta, relevant financial institutions will also increase their investment in this region. For the majority of operators, this region is full of business opportunities. If you need any legal services, please feel free to contact us.