Notice of Shanghai public security bureau on administrative services during COVID-19 epidemic

 2020-02-12  192


In order to do a better job in the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, avoid the gathering and flow of people as far as possible, reduce the risk of spreading infection, and effectively ensure the safety and health of the people, the following circulars are hereby issued concerning the administrative services of Shanghai public security:

A. Suspend some services

According to the State Administration of Immigration requirements, we suspend acceptance, examination and approval of tourism endorsement of visa for mainland residents to Hong Kong and Macao  (including group travel, individual travel, Shenzhen "once per week" policy),  Hong Kong and Macao self-service machine, network service platform, including "All-in-one" total portal, "Along with the Shanghai" APP and small procedures, "the entry and exit of the Shanghai public security management" WeChat public) etc. and shut down related services.

B. Suggest to postpone the handling of non-urgent services

Entry and exit administration

1. It is recommended that mainland residents make reasonable arrangements for their outbound travel plans and postpone the application for exit and entry documents if they are not in urgent need. If it is really necessary, you should consult the representative offices, airlines or overseas reception units of relevant countries or regions in China in advance to learn about the immigration control measures adopted by the destination countries or regions.

2. We will continue to provide visa extension, stay and residence permit processing services for foreigners, and ensure that foreigners stay legally. If it is difficult to apply for the visa or the extension of the residence permit in time because of the prevention and control of the epidemic, he or she will be given a lighter or mitigated punishment or exempted from the penalty for overstaying.

C. Recommend to choose online office, palm office

At present, the city's public security organs have set up "All-in-one " total portal, "Along with the Shanghai" APP and small programs, "Traffic management 12123" APP, "Shanghai traffic police" APP, "the population of Shanghai public security management" WeChat public, etc. online business platforms to achieve 96 government services for the entire network to handle, which are very convenient for people to handle online and enjoy "no face-to-face" service.

 D. Suggest to make an appointment beforehand if really necessary

If it is urgently needed, in order to reduce the risk of cross infection, please choose proper time cautiously according to the published online guides to carry full materials or you can make calls in advance (see the portal website of Shanghai municipal public security bureau "law enforcement and public" column of "external window query") for consultation, make an appointment. When going to the window, please consciously wear a surgical mask, do a good job of personal protection, take the initiative to cooperate with the on-site staff to carry out temperature testing and other related work. If you have questions about relevant services and policies, you can call the above window for consultation. If you have other questions, you can also call the "12345" citizen service hotline for consultation.

For the follow-up related government service measures, please pay attention to the portal website of Shanghai municipal public security bureau and the WeChat public account of "Direct train between police and citizens".

Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau

February 3, 2020