Shanghai has introduced 24 new measures to make further use of foreign capital

 2020-04-10  109


Shanghai has implemented the national policy and introduced 24 measures, including encouraging foreign investment in new open areas; establish incentive mechanism for investment attraction; accelerate opening up of the financial sector and new energy vehicles; intensify punishment of illegal acts of intellectual property infringement and intellectual property crimes; support the equal participation of foreign-invested enterprises in standard formulation and government procurement in accordance with the law.


For example, in accordance with the state's overall plan for opening up, we will implement the latest version of the negative list for foreign investment in the national and pilot free trade zones, accelerate the opening up of the financial sector and new energy vehicles, and encourage foreign investment in new open areas so that projects can be implemented first.


Simplify the operation of foreign direct investment business at the bank end. We will carry out a pilot program to facilitate the payment of capital account income within the city, and allow qualified enterprises to use capital, foreign debt, overseas listed funds and other capital account income for domestic payment without providing authenticity certification materials in advance. We will facilitate the registration and management of foreign debt. Non-investment foreign-invested enterprises are allowed to set up new subsidiaries or acquire other domestic enterprises with capital according to law on the premise that they do not violate the current negative list for foreign investment access and the projects invested in China are true and compliant. We will explore and implement measures to facilitate the purchase of foreign exchange for the remuneration of foreign talents.


In terms of intellectual property rights, the requirements for evidence form elements in cases involving intellectual property rights of foreign-invested enterprises shall be optimized, and evidence obstruction and burden of proof transfer shall be applied in accordance with the law, so as to reasonably reduce the burden of proof of the obligee. We will intensify punishment for acts of infringement of intellectual property rights, and increase compensation and the amount of compensation in accordance with the law for cases of repeated infringement, malicious infringement or other serious infringements.

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