Congratulations on Winning the Second Trial on the Patent Dispute

 2023-11-06  269

In May 2022, a bicycle company A was sued by Chen B to the court, and B accused A of violating its design patent by selling bicycles on the network, requiring immediate stop of manufacturing and sales and compensation for losses of more than RMB300,000 yuan. At the same time, Chen B applied to the State Intellectual Property Office for the invalidation of the patent that Company A was authorized to use.


After accepting the entrustment of A, Shanghai Nuo Di Law Firm assigned lawyers Wu Shangcong and Yang Dan to carry out detailed understanding of the case and fully demonstrate. In the adverse situation that the patent authorized to be used by Company A was declared invalid and the judgment of the first instance was lost, we lawyers actively sought evidence in the second instance to prove that Chen B's patent did not comply with the provisions of P.R.C Patent Law, and applied to the State Intellectual Property Office for invalidation.


Finally, we obtained the second instance ruling to revoke the first instance judgment, rejecting all Chen B's claims!