Shanghai government has promoted Shanghai law firms to participate in letters and visits

 2018-06-20  109

Shanghai held a meeting on promoting Shanghai law firms involved in the complaints and petitions recently, urging Shanghai lawyers participate fully in the complaints, encouraing complaint reporting hall at all levels to open "Specialist Clinic", which render solutions to complicated complaint cases.


It is understood that as early as 20 years ago, Shanghai law firms began to participate in the reception of letters and visits. At present, the scope of participation has expanded from the initial reception and legal consultation of letters and visits to the resolution of difficulties and contradictions, the final check & verification, and the field supervision and inspection of letters and visits, etc.


One of the major advantages of Shanghai law firm in the work of letters and visits is to use professional knowledge to guide visitors to be rational and protect their rights according to law.The legal consultation and ideological work will be combined to resolve the confusion of visitors.


The total number of letters and visits in Minhang district has decreased year by year in recent years. The first-time resovling rate has been increased greatly. One of the big magic weapon is to use Shanghai law firms mediation as weapons to prevent and dissolve the group contradiction arised from emergencies, major projects, demolition projects, community management, enterprise transformation, restructuring of villiages, guide the public to express opinions rationally and guard their rights in accordance with the law, further to safeguard social harmony and stability.