Vaping Air China pilot's license revoked

 2018-07-19  141

The co-pilot who sent an Air China plane plunging 23,000 feet after sparking an electronic cigarette in the cockpit has had his license revoked, reports China News. 

China's Civil Aviation Administration revoked both the pilot's and co-pilot's licenses. 

Air China flight CA106 was en route from Hong Kong to Dalian on Tuesday when the emergency occurred. 

The incident also triggered the release of oxygen masks. 

The investigation found that the co-pilot accidentally turned off the air-conditioning unit when he tried to turn off a fan to prevent the smoke from reaching passengers. It resulted in a loss of cabin pressure on board. 

The crew issued a mayday call before taking the plane back to its cruising altitude and continued on to its destination. No one was injured. 

Source: China Plus