Shanghai Measures Concerning Exit-Entry Administration during COVID-19 Period

 2020-02-23  1576


In order to further improve the immigration and entry and exit administration of foreigners during the epidemic prevention period, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau has formulated the "Six Measures Concerning Exit-Entry Administration in Shanghai During the Period of Prevention and Control on COVID-19".It strives to open up the green channel processing documents, publish information guidance, strengthen the communication with foreign-related institutions such as consular, carry out registration of temporary accommodation online self-help declaration, for the port of entry to foreign personnel engaged in the work of epidemic prevention convenient registration package of measures, such as help foreigners to understand the knowledge of related epidemic prevention disease resistance and immigration policy, to win the prevention and control the outbreak of war together.

1.Offering green passages and urgent services

For foreigners in need of urgent visa services due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the EEAB (Exit-Entry Administration Bureau) will provide instant services for visa application and issuance. For those institutions which host high numbers of foreigners, such as universities and business enterprises, the EEAB will open green passages and provide necessary conveniences according to relevant demands.

2.Releasing information and enhancing communication

The EEAB will issue a prompt guide and tips on public prevention of pneumonia caused by COVID-19 via WeChat, Weibo, SMS and official website. A 24-hour hotline is in service for questions concerning exit-entry administration during the period of prevention and control. The EEAB will further communicate with foreign consulates and chambers of commerce in Shanghai, and provide assistance for foreigners in Shanghai in the prevention of the pneumonia caused by COVID-19.

3.Improving work and providing convenience

The EEAB has set outside a temporary waiting area in front of the office building in order to reduce the number of applicants waiting inside the building. For applicants with symptoms such as fever or coughing, the local disease control department will be contacted and assistance such as quarantine and medical service will be offered. The EEAB will endeavor to promote the use of the Self-Help Declaration System for Overseas Personnel’s Accommodation Registration, allowing foreigners to register without leaving home.

4.Complying with relevant laws and regulations to protect foreigners’ rights

In light of the relevant laws and regulations and current situation, foreigners who have overstayed due to the reason of epidemic prevention and control shall be given a lighter or mitigated or be exempted from punishment by the EEAB depending upon circumstances. The EEAB will continue to provide convenience for foreign consulates by arranging consular visits via telephone, protecting the lawful rights of foreigners detained by the public security bureau during the period of prevention and control.

5.Organizing and coordinating in regard to disease control

For foreigners arriving for epidemic prevention and control and crew members transporting relevant facilities and equipment, convenience in the application of port visas will be provided. Service stations for Overseas People and Immigrants’ Integration Service Stations in Shanghai will help foreign residents in booking and purchasing items for epidemic prevention and control, depending upon relevant needs and demands.

6.Mobilizing the community and conveying compassion and confidence

The EEAB will answer questions and respond to foreigners’ concerns by live network streaming on new media platforms. Social workers for foreigners and community volunteers will be organized to help those who are in need and show compassionate care. The EEAB will also make effective efforts to reassure foreigners and foreign employers in Shanghai and to convey confidence in winning the battle against the epidemic.

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