Yangtze River Delta Integration of Ecological Green Demonstration Area

 2020-07-03  2504


Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang provinces people's governments jointly established Several policies and measures to support the development of the Yangtze River Delta Integration of Ecological Green Demonstration Area with high quality ", which together with the Plan on Yangtze River Delta Integration of Ecological Green Development Demonstration Area form the policy framework.


There are the following measures and policies:

1.Promote the integration of major reform systems and the sharing of experience in pilot reforms;

2.The executive committee of the demonstration area is endowed with relevant administrative authority;

3.Increase financial support: Special fund (not less than 10 billion yuan accumulatively in 3 years);

4.Intensify financial innovation;

5.Vigorously develop green finance;

6.Establish an overall management mechanism for construction land use targets;

7.Implement the strictest possible system for protecting farmland;

8.Improve the efficiency of land resources allocation;

9.Accelerate the development of next-generation information infrastructure;

10.Build a pilot area for collaborative development of education;

11.Promote the sharing of continuing education resources;

12.Optimize the allocation of medical resources;

13.Explore ways to integrate medical insurance catalogues and medical insurance services;

14.Promote cooperation in culture, tourism and sports;

15.Optimize public resource allocation;

16.Explore integrated development and incentive mechanisms for scientific and technological innovation;

17.Unify the relevant professional qualification examination qualification standard and the title appraisal standard;

18.Promote mutual recognition of professional and technical qualifications and vocational skill levels;

 19.Improve the system for attracting overseas talent;

20.Optimize the service mechanism of enterprise free migration;

21.Innovate medicine industry regulation service model;

22.Strengthen organizational support.


The policy measures come into force on July 1, 2020.