The 1st CP Branch meeting held in Shanghai Nuodi Law Firm

 2021-09-17  714

Under the care and guidance of Huangpu District Justice Bureau and Shanghai Huangpu District Lawyer Industry Committee, Shanghai Nuodi Law Firm established the Branch Committee of Shanghai Nuodi Law Firm in August 2021. The establishment of the Party Branch is a major milestone in the development process of Shanghai Nuodi Law Firm.  It is also a great achievement made by Shanghai Nuodi Law Firm in response to the party's call of "staying true to our original aspiration and forging ahead".  


To give full play to the positive role of party members, on September 7, 2021, the party branch held a meeting to elect the referees of the Party Congress of Huangpu District Justice Bureau at the first meeting room. The party members Mr. Jiu Hao and Ms. Amber Fan attended and issued their own opinions at the meeting.