Shanghai 191 investment projects with RMB1.7 Trillion

 2023-02-13  755

In the 2023,191 major projects involving a total investment of about 1.7 Trillion Yuan have been scheduled by the Shanghai municipal government, it covers 5 fields such as science and technology industry, social livelihood, ecological civilization, urban infrastructure, urban-rural integration and rural revitalization.


Of these, 15 new projects and 26 completed projects are planned for this year. The planned investment for the whole year is over 215 billion yuan, an increase of 7.5% over the planned number in 2022. At the same time, arrange 48 items for preparation.


Shanghai will stage a series of 2023 investment activities to enhance the key role of investment in optimizing the supply structure.


Projects in the field of Science & Technology Industry are the most concentrated category in the list of major projects in Shanghai over the years. This year is no exception, and Shanghai has arranged a total of 77 projects. It will focus on building major national scientific facilities and building three leading industries, including Integrated Circuits, Biomedicine, and Artificial Intelligence.


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