Theme Party Day Activity

 2024-03-04  1718

On February 28, 2024, the Party branch of Shanghai Nuodi Law Firm, together with the Party Branch of Tongji Science Park Putuo Park, the Fourth Branch of the Taopu Town Organ of Putuo District, the Party Branch of Liziyuan Village Party Committee and the Party Branch of Liziyuan Building in Taopu Town of Putuo District, jointly carried out the theme of "Learn & Understand the New Party Constitution deeply, Support and Take Responsibility bravely". More than 20 party members visited and studied at the Songhu Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall in Shanghai.


The Battle of Songhu, also known as the Battle of August 13, was the largest and most tragic battle in the whole Sino-Japanese War.With Shanghai as the forward position, the Chinese army and people fought with the Japanese army to the death, forced the Japanese army to shift its strategic main attack direction, smashed the Japanese plan of "destroying China in three months", and made indelible contributions to the victory of the World War.Through the organic combination of cultural relics, pictures and scenes, the use of high-tech means such as sound, light and electricity, together with the in-depth and shallow explanations of the commentators, the Shanghai Songhu Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall enabled the Party members to transcend time and space and return to the anti-fascist battlefield of tenacious struggle and bloody struggle, which greatly stimulated the patriotism of the  Party members.


The Party Branch of Shanghai Nuodi Law Firm will continue to organize more colorful Party building activities, carry forward the Party's fine traditions and revolutionary spirit, strengthen the Party spirit of Party members, improve their political awareness and working ability, promote the Party's construction and career development, and encourage the broad masses of Party members to make unremitting efforts to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.