Congratulations to Ms. Li Yu for the Honor of Excellent Lawyers

 2024-03-21  1226

In July 2023, with a yearning for the frontier of the motherland, Ms. Li Yu, a lawyer from Shanghai Nuo Di Law Firm, signed up for the volunteer action of legal aid in China and became a glorious aid lawyer in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.


Under the leadership of the Party Committee of the Judicial Bureau of Yili Prefecture, Xinjiang, lawyer Li Yu strives to carry out the purpose of justice for the people, actively carry out community propaganda on the rule of law, implement grass-roots training on the rule of law, visit/receive people in need, and provide legal advice on 12348. She vividly interpreted the volunteer spirit of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress" with practical actions, solved the problems for the local people in need and vulnerable groups, and solved the contradictions and disputes among the grass-roots people. She was highly praised by the local people and the government, and won the honorary Certificate of Excellent Lawyers in the judicial administration system issued by Xinyuan County Judicial Bureau in 2023.


Lawyer Li Yu perfectly combines the ideal of fairness and justice with the idea of governing the country according to law and enforcing the law for the people. We wish Ms. Li Yu a smooth work in the frontier of the motherland, and wish the great motherland peace and prosperity!