Do foreigners need to pay social insurance in China

 2019-09-10  107

With the progress of the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, more and more foreign technicians are coming to China to participate in the process of China's modernization.Today, we will introduce the payment of social insurance for expatriates in the course of employment.


Do foreign workers need to pay Social Security in China? The answer is yes, foreign workers also need to pay Social Security payment.Interim measures for foreign nationals working in China to participate in social insurance promulgated by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China on 15 October 2011.


But not all foreigners coming to China are required to pay social security. Shanghai Nuo Di Law Firm reminds that only foreigners working in China are required to pay social security.


The so-called foreigners working in China refer to persons who are legally employed in China by obtaining employment certificates such as "Foreigner Employment Certificate", "Foreign Expert Certificate", "Foreign Resident Journalist Certificate" and other employment certificates and alien residence certificates, as well as holders of "Foreigner Permanent Residence Certificate".


If a foreign worker leaves the country before reaching the age for receiving Old-Age Pension, his social insurance personal account shall be kept, and if he comes to China to find employment again, the accumulated contribution period shall be calculated; if he or she applies in writing to terminate the social insurance relationship, he or she may also make a lump sum payment to his social insurance personal account.Whether the unit to pay Social Security employees is a matter of the vital interests of the workers. Please pay more attention to safeguard your own legitimate rights and interests. For further information you could contact us Shanghai Nuo Di Law Firm.